Year 4 - Sharks

Welcome back Sharks. We hope you have had a great summer.


This year we have a few changes in our school uniform – we have changed back to old school uniform with the addition of a new PE kit, which includes a new school hoodie!  Please can children wear normal school uniform to school unless it is your PE day (Monday and Thursdays for Sharks) where you will wear your PE kit with t-shirts in your house colours – I know you will all look fabulous. 

Don't forget you will need a pair of plimsolls to change into inside - remember this means that we can use our field and Basecamp right into winter months as we can change out of muddy shoes when playtime and lunchtime is over.


In English, we will be writing narratives based on the book The Tear Thief and creating an information text on the Giant Country which all links to our current class book, The Great Dream Robbery.


In Maths, we continue to follow the White Rose Scheme. In this term, we will be looking at place value with a focus on: representing and partitioning numbers to 1000, then 10,000; addition and subtraction and moving on to multiplication and division.


In History, we will be learning about the Romans and their impact on Britain. We will learn about the lasting impact of the Roman invasion on Britain, and how artefacts found by archaeologists provide evidence to the past.


Mrs Green will be teaching Music and Computing this term. The Children will be learning about beats and tempo using songs from Mamma Mia then lessons will focus on playing the Glockenspiel. 


In Science, we will be looking at Living things and their habitats, where the children will learn about classification, grouping and identifying classes using identifiable keys.


This term, in RE, we will be learning about community and worship with a focus on Hinduism. This year we have introduced Faith Afternoons, where as a school we will celebrate and learn about a range of different faiths.


In PSHE/RHE we will be learning about our rights and responsibilities living in a diverse and inclusive community and as British citizens. There will be a focusing on our Similarities and Differences whilst teaching tolerance and understanding.  Greece will be the focus for Cultural Day with links to British Values and Democracy.


In Art we will be looking at perspective with a focus on the artist Edward Hopper. Children will be learning drawing techniques such as speed sketching, line and tone, pattern and shape.   


For homework this term, we would like the children to focus on reading fluency and reading for pleasure. It is important that the children develop a love of reading and that comes with practice. Please can you support your children by listening to them read and share in conversations about reading in your homes.  Children have access to Spelling Shed, and Times Table Rock Starts (TTRS) and they will need to complete challenges set.. Children will be provided with copies of their logins.


Finally, as ever, if you have any questions or would like to offer any help, please do get in touch, either at the school gate at the end of the day or through the office.


Here's to a great year!


Mrs Oaks, Miss Marshall, Mrs Lovely and Miss Dickinson.