Visions and Values

We want to share the school's vision and values with you, please read the information below:

St. George’s Statement of Aims


St. George’s provides a caring, family atmosphere in keeping with the ethos of a Christian school.  All children are regarded as of equal value.  We provide a balanced and broad curriculum and strive to help all children achieve their potential.  We aim to create a stimulating environment underpinned by good relationships between parents, staff and children.


St. George’s Vision Statement


In conjunction with pupils, parents, staff and Governors we created the following vision statement:


At St George’s we feel safe and secure. We are like a happy caring family where everyone wears a smile. Feeling understood, listened to and being able to share our thoughts and feelings is important to us. We are proud to play, learn and work together as friends to “Reach for the Stars”.


Our school reflects the essential features within the traditions of the Anglican Church and these will contribute to the pupils’ development by broadening and deepening their spiritual experience and understanding.

Whilst the school promotes Christian values and attitudes including kindness, honesty, forgiveness, respect for others, good manners, loyalty and perseverance, we welcome children of all faiths and none. The school provides a caring family atmosphere, in keeping with the ethos of a church school. It is also part of the local community and views education as a partnership between home and school, working with parents for the good of the children.
We aim to create a stimulating environment in which we can care for every individual helping him or her to develop as a complete person, and achieve full potential. St. George’s has a strong ethos of inclusion, welcoming all children from the community. Children with Special Educational Needs and/or disability are not discriminated against.
Children will learn through experience, interest and understanding and will come to possess a wide range of educational knowledge and skills that have been soundly taught and encouraged.