Red Class

Nursery and Reception children are part of Red Class.



The activities for this week have been sent to your email address; they can be also be downloaded from this page. If you need a paper pack, just call into the school office.


The teachers are looking forward to seeing your child's work.  Please send any pictures of your child's work to


Home learning Nursery Week 1 5.1.21

Home learning Reception Week 1 5.1.21

PE with Coach Ollie 6

Come and join in with our very own Coach Ollie and special guest Mr Dodsworth!

Kixx Education | KS1 PE Lesson Six

This is one of most super fun PE Lessons yet and it is all about 'Street Dance'.Coach Tom, Coach Jamie and Coach Matt required the help of our very own Dance Instructor, Coach Shelley for this particular lesson. You will learn about aerobic and stretching exercises for the warm up and then onto learning several 'Street Dance' steps.

PE with Coach Ollie - 5

Come and join in with our very own Coach Ollie and his workout!

Kixx Education | KS1 PE Lesson Four

Welcome to our fourth Kixx Education PE Lesson. All our PE Lessons are made available free for schools across the country.

PE with Coach Ollie 4

Coach Ollie is back with another special guest - Mrs Burrows!

Kixx Education | PE Lesson Three

Welcome to Lesson Three of our Kixx Education KS1 PE Lessons.In this lesson we use the mechanic of football to teach you more about 'Balance & Agility'.

PE with Coach Ollie 3

Come and get fit with our very own Coach Ollie and special guest Mrs D!

PE with Coach Ollie 2

Our very own Coach Ollie is back to lead us in some more activities to keep us fit and healthy!

Kixx Education | PE Lesson One

Welcome to our first PE Lesson from our team at Kixx Education. Lesson One is all about 'Throwing & Catching'. There are lots of fun little challenges throug...

PE with Coach Ollie

Join in with our very own Coach Ollie!