Year 2 - Penguins

Welcome back Penguins!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are ready to start back at school.

This term our topic is ‘What a Wonderful World’. We will read a variety of fiction and non-fiction books based around animals, weather and climates. Reading is very important and it is important for you to support your child at home by reading with them at least three times a week.

In handwriting the focus is on letter formation, making sure all letters are formed correctly before moving on to beginning to join. We will continue learning the use of correct punctuation and using Fred Fingers and spelling rules whilst writing independently.

In Maths we are developing our knowledge of 2D and 3D shape, money and multiplication and division in a variety of ways using objects and games to consolidate our learning. We will continue to learn our 2,5- and 10-times tables through fun games and using Times Table Rockstars. Log in details are in the children’s reading records but if you need another copy please just let us know. Next term we will focus on measurements in length, height, mass, capacity and temperature. This will help us when we make our weather station and start recording our readings in the weather diary.

In science we are finding out about what animals and humans need to have to survive and what they need to do to stay healthy. We will be studying different lifecycles and observing and describing what changes happen within them. After half term we will learn about the seasons, the changes which happen and when these changes occur.

In RE we are thinking about what being a Christian means through reading a variety of bible stories, reflecting on what we have learnt and discussing our opinions and thoughts.


In our Relationship and Health Education lessons this term, we are going to learn about coping with change, families and committed relationships. This will help the children understand their emotions during times of change and show that all families are different but they are still families!


In computing our focus this term is digital photography so be prepared for the children to come home and start asking to take photographs to practise and explain what they are trying to do. Next term, the focus is on making music and Penguins love making music so they will really enjoy it!


In Geography we are focusing on the continents and oceans of the world. We will compare them and talk about their similarities and differences whilst also planning journeys around the globe! We will name and describe the seasons and read, order and know the months of the year.


After half term, in History, we will be learning about the Great Fire of London. We will investigate how and where it started and discuss how this changed people’s ideas on how to build houses for the future.


In Art we are learning about how the artist Alexander Calder drew sketches of animals which appeared to make them look like they were moving. We will try and sketch some animals in his style using his techniques. In painting we will be mixing our own colour wheels and moving onto paining with details in the pictures.


After half term, in Design and Technology, we will make our own moving fire engines as part of our learning about the Great Fire of London. We will plan, make, test and then evaluate our vehicles to see if they are fit for purpose. In March we have a special STEM day using Lego and coding to make an additional moving emergency vehicle!


We are lucky to have gymnastics PE sessions on a Wednesday with the Coach and an additional session on Mondays. Please come dressed in your PE kit and be prepared to work hard!

Please remember that all children need a pair of plimsols in school to change into as the weather changes. If you need a new pair then you can buy them from the school office.

Finally, if you have any questions, please chat to us at the gate at home time or if you wish to you can make an appointment through the school office.

Let’s have a brilliant Spring term!

Mrs Turner  and Mrs Beaumont and Miss Barlow