Here at St George's we aim to make science as 'hands on' and as fun as possible!


It is our aim in Science that children are given opportunities to observe, record and draw conclusions about the world around them. We hope to introduce children to the basic elements of experiments and investigations and help them to become more inquisitive; thinking of their own scientific questions and investigations.


As a school we are required to cover the National Curriculum for science, which outlines the objectives to be taught in each year group. Teachers use these objectives and the support of the Chris Quigley curriculum documents, to ensure that a wide range of skills are being taught, through a combination of whole class teaching, group and individual work.

Teachers will encourage and assess the children on their development of the key Science skills through observation, discussion, debate and research.  


Some of the topics in science are taught over a 6 week period and some larger topics are taught throughout a whole term.


For other information on Science, please see individual class pages.


Science National Curriculum document