Happy New Year! I hope you are all ready and excited for a new year full of exciting opportunities.


We have lots of exciting learning planned for this Spring Term - beginning with 'Losing Tales’ for our literacy topic. The first story we will be learning is, No-Bot. The Robot with no bottom!.' We will learn this story by creating a story map and we will use actions to help us to remember the words.  Then, we will become authors and create our own version of the story by changing the characters and what the character has lost. 


We will also look at other ‘Losing Tales’ such as; ‘The Elmer and the Lost Teddy,’ and ‘Lost and Found’ during our story times this will help us with developing our imaginations which will help us when writing our own ‘Losing Tale.’


Everyday, we will use our Daily Dashboard time to read tricky words (high frequency words), practice our spelling and to develop our vocabulary through looking at interesting pictures and photographs. 


In maths, we will continue to learn and use numbers. The year 1’s in Frog class will be looking at adding and subtracting and the year 2’s will be looking at division and multiplication. As always, we will use our Daily Dashboard time to learn and recall telling the time, 2D and 3D shape names and their properties and number recognition and formation.


Homework will be sent out every Friday - there will be a reading/writing activity and a maths activity. We would like the homework to be brought back on a Wednesday, please. 


If you have any questions about your child in Frogs class, please do not hesitate to speak with Miss Collins gate who is on the gate every morning or evening or you can ring the office to book an appointment. 


Keep smiling :)


Miss Collins, Mrs Oaks and Miss Cao.