Curriculum Overview

~~The Curriculum at St George’s

At St George’s we aim to develop and implement an exciting and varied Curriculum which enables all pupils to ‘reach for the stars.’ All subject areas are covered by every child throughout the school, in line with the National Curriculum. Children are equipped with a variety of skills to help support and extend their learning. We believe that every learning journey starts with an experience and wherever possible arrange for school trips, visitors, additional resources and training to help support our staff in enabling children to maximise their full potential.


Foundation Stage
The Reception Class in our school follows the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum which is based on seven areas of learning. 


The 3 Prime Areas of learning:
Communication and Language
Physical Development
Personal, Social and Emotional development


The 4 Specific Areas of learning:
Understanding of the World
Expressive Art and Design


The children will be taking part in adult led activities as well as child led learning throughout the day. The themes we follow are based on the children’s interest, like being a postman or finding different animals' homes, but also include many of the big holidays throughout the year like Christmas, Bonfire Night and Easter.


Key Stage 1 and 2                                                                 
Key Stage One is made up of years one and two and is for children age five to seven years. Key Stage Two is made up of years three to six and is for children age seven to eleven years old. We follow the national curriculum which we try to make as exciting and interesting as possible with ample opportunities for children to work creatively. We aim to use cross curricular links in our lessons to help support all subjects and ensure children are maximising their learning at every opportunity.
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If you require any further information relating to our Curriculum, please see your child's class teacher.