Yearly overview

We have produced a curriculum overview that outlines the content to be covered in each year group.  This document is regularly reviewed and updated as we continue to develop our curriculum in order to enable us to teach a 'St George's  Curriculum' which both follows the National Curriculum, and is also tailored to the needs and experiences of our local school community.  The aim of this document is to ensure that there is progression throughout the different curriculum areas as children move through the school.


In order to support our school aims that children should do more, know more and remember more, we have introduced Daily Dashboard sessions which are short daily sessions where children practise skills, revisit knowledge, develop vocabulary and practise recall of key information to support their learning across the curriculum.  We have identified key areas across the curriculum, such as the teaching of time in maths, or countries and continents in geography, which benefit from regular short bursts of practice rather than isolated blocks of teaching.  Key areas to be covered in Daily Dashboard sessions are shown on this curriculum overview.

Whole School Curriculum Overview