Year 3/4 - Pandas

Hello Pandas,


For the first few weeks of term, until the new classrooms are up and running, Pandas won't be a class together. You will be starting the year split into Sharks and Dolphins classes but I know you will work hard together and it won't be long before you are in our own Panda Class! 


We are very excited to see you and get started with lots of exciting learning this year! I know it will be a bit different coming back to school this term after lockdown and there will be lots of changes and new routines to follow, but I am confident that we are going to have a super year together! 


Our topic this term is 'Lights, Camera, Action!' and we are definitely starting our topic with lots of ACTION- as we are learning about Volcanoes and Earthquakes in Geography. This will lead nicely onto our Romans topic in History where we will be learning about Pompeii, life in Roman times (we have planned lots of drama and performance opportunities planned) and finding out how the Roman invasion of Britain changed our ways of life in the UK. We will also be learning about sound in Science- thinking about how sounds are made and how we can change them.


To start our learning in English, we will be researching and writing about our class animals. We will be using clips from the Sir David Attenborough BBC series, Planet Earth and using his reporter style to create our own nature documentaries- so make sure you are all practising your best David Attenborough style voices- I can’t wait to capture you on film!


In Maths, following the White Rose Maths curriculum, we will start with a focus on the Place Value of large numbers and using our knowledge to order and compare numbers. 


We are so excited to have our new outdoor area (Basecamp) open in KS2 - it is amazing and I can't wait to take you out to show you all of the new equipment and resources! We will be spending lots of time learning outdoors, so please make sure you have jumpers and coats with you everyday. Also it would be a really good idea to being a spare pair of socks, in case we get wet or cold feet in the winter months! 


Our PE day will be a Tuesday, but because of our new uniform (black joggers and black trainers) and no need to change for PE, you don't need to bring a PE kit.  This also means we can get out and do extra PE on different days if we get the chance!


You will have a homework book with all your logins for TTRS, Spelling Shed and Read Theory in it (don't worry if any of these are new to you, we will show you in class!). There will be Maths and English homework sent home in your book every Friday, and a weekly assignment on Spelling Shed and TTRS. There will also be a topic sheet of activities to complete over the term (which can be found below). If you make amazing projects at home, you can take a photo and email it to school ( or print a picture and stick it in your book to show us your work. Please bring your homework book and reading book to school every Wednesday. If you bring your homework in every week, there will be rewards!! smiley


I love to read and I can’t wait to share some of my favourite stories with you in class! Reading is so important- it helps your creativity and imagination grow, expands your vocabulary and will really help to improve your writing. By the end of the first week, you will have a home reading book. I would like you to read at least 4 times a week for 30 minutes. Record what you are reading each time on the sheet in your homework book (it doesn’t have to be your school reading book). You can include any books you have read at home; a bedtime story to a brother or sister, a magazine or even your Granny’s newspaper! 


Although some things may be different about the start of this school year, we can't wait to welcome you back to our St George's family. We have worked hard to make school safe, inviting and ensure the learning exciting for you and we can’t wait to get started!


If you have any questions or need to speak to us, please catch us at the end of the school day or make an appointment by phoning the school office.


Dolphin Pandas (AKA Pandolphins) Mrs Green, Mrs Hartley (every Tuesday) and Mrs Barlow


Shark Pandas- Mr Dodsworth, Mrs Oaks, Mrs Hobson and Mrs Whitaker