Year 2 - Frogs



Welcome back to school everybody!! I have certainly missed you. It might feel a bit tricky coming back into school everyday so I will make sure we have lots of fun in Frogs class.



To start this academic year, our whole school topic is, 'Lights, Camera, Action.' In KS1 we thought we could direct our own Traditional Tale. So, in literacy we will be reading and using lots of different well known tales and maybe some news ones you haven't heard before. To help us learn these stories we will be using something called, 'Talk for Writing' - which just means we will draw maps and act out the story to help us remember them. 


There will be different activities in our classroom to help us to hold a pencil comfortably. It can be tricky to do this, so it's important we train our hand muscles to get a good grip on the pencil!


In maths, we will be using numbers...a lot! We will be recognising them in our environment, writing them and adding/taking away with them. Numicon is a manipulative that we will be using daily, to help us understand numbers and to help us find the answers for various maths functions (+, -, /, x). 


Also, some of our time in Frogs will be used to help us with our listening, attention and friendships. We will be doing this through a variety of games and activities. 


Every Friday, your homework book will be given out. Inside this there will be a 'topic sheet' with various tasks on it - this is your half termly challenge. I'm super excited to see what kind of creations and research projects you will be uploading onto Facebook or emailing to schools address. Keep an eye on this page as every Friday you will find your maths and English homework on here. Please complete the given task in your homework book. 


As we are continuing to keep safe in school, please remember to wear fresh clean clothes everyday. 


If you have any questions, I will be at the school gate every morning and evening. Or, you are welcome to book an appointment with me via the office.


Let's have a fantastic and fun year filled with lots of laughter and happiness. 


Keep smiling,


Miss Collins :)