Year 2 - Frogs

It’s lovely to welcome back all the Frogs this sunny summer term! Frogs need to ‘Grab their Passports’ as we are travelling back in time – all the way to September 1666..! A huge event that changed our capital city happened during this time… 'the Great Fire of London.'


In Literacy, we are going to explore what happened during, ‘The Great Fire of London’ and we are going to imagine what it might have been like to live through this event. We will be writing a newspaper report about the events to explain how it started, why it spread and they managed to put it out. When we have written our newspaper reports we will then read a story called, ‘Toby and the Great Fire of London and use this to help us to write our own stories about the fire.


In Maths, we shall be focusing on statistics. We are going to collect our own data and learn how to present our data using either a tally chart or a pictogram. Once we have presented our data, we will look at how we can use it to answer questions. We will continue to learn our 2x, 3x, 5x, 10x tables – don’t forget to use ‘Times Tables Rockstars’ and ‘Hit the Button’ at the home to practice these.


Maths homework and Phonics homework will be sent home each Friday. This should be returned on the following Wednesday. There is also a sheet of homework challenges that can be completed at any time before May half term. Please send in any photographs of the creations that your children have made to .


If you have any questions, we will be available to talk at the end of each school day. 


Keep smiling,


Miss Collins and Mrs Burman J