Reception/Y1 - Hedgehogs

Summer Term 1 2021


Warmer days are on the way and the Summer Term beckons, with the hope that we can have lots of adventures together in school. Our theme for the whole term is 'Grab your Passport', as we explore ideas based on learning about our locality and area and then looking at places further afield. We will start by focusing on where we live, the fabulous county of Lincolnshire! We will start by finding out about farms and how crops are grown, before moving onto the animals and their young. Our 'Farm in a Box' is going to be a great support in hands on experiences, as a trip to a real farm isn't possible at the moment. Farming in the past will then be our focus and we will look at Marshall's Yard, in our town, to help us find out clues about machinery and techniques used by generations of farmers. Lots of our learning will be based around the produce from farms and we will even how our own class Farm Shop! 


PE will be twice a week and it is important to wear your black trainers and leggings to school everyday so that you are ready for exercise! On warm days, you can wear some black shorts to help you stay cool. We will be getting ready to learn some Sports Day skills, which is a super exciting event to look forward to.


Our English and Maths work is more important than ever, with the missed time we have had together in school, so it is important that you log on regularly to Rising Stars to read your books and that you complete your weekly homework. Every little bit of learning really does help, so let's work together to make the Summer Term a real success. 


Please have a chat if you need any support with anything, we are more than happy to help.


Thanks, Mrs Sault and Miss Page smiley