Reception - Big Dragons

Happy New Year! It has been great hearing about the lovely time the children have had over Christmas and seeing how excited they were to see all the staff at Dragons, we had missed you all too!


This term our topic is called 'Muddy Puddles' and we will be basing our learning around many different themes linked to this. Our first block of work will look at the weather and what it is like in different parts of the world, as well as in Gainsborough. We will make our own weather recording equipment and use the role play area to forecast the weather. The children will use the books 'Brown Bear, Brown Bear' and 'We';re Going on a Bear Hunt' within this block of work. Our learning will then move onto footprints and we will look at different animals and the marks they leave as they walk. Hopefully we will have a few surprise  visits to help us with our learning in this area! As the weather improves towards the end of the term, we will use the Muddy Puddles topic to start our learning about growing in the soil and use the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and the Gruffalo.


The Autumn Term saw a huge investment in teaching the children how to read and we are really pleased with the effort they have made and their progress. Please support this by hearing your child read their book, sharing books at home with them and logging onto Tapestry to see the sounds that we have learned. As the children become more fluent in their reading, our focus turns to developing their writing skills and encouraging them to become more confident in this area. Watch out for more information about how we would like you to support us with this over the next term. 


In our Number work, we are continuing to use Numberblocks to develop a sound understanding of the principles of Maths and the children are really understanding the key skills we are covering. This term we will work with numbers to 10, compare groups with amounts to 10, complete addition and subtraction and investigate number bonds to 10. The children will be covering a range of shape, space and measure activities, including length, weight, 3D shape and patterns.


For the first half term, the class will do PE on a MONDAY with Coach Ricky and he will be developing their Gymnastics skills. Please remember to remove earrings and send a full kit each week. 


We were really pleased with the new water area that has been installed  in the outdoor area so this is a good chance to remind you that it would be great for all of the children to have a pair of wellies in their locker to use, as well as a spare pair of clothes in case the water play becomes a bit enthusiastic! 


Finally, please talk to us about any concerns you have or any issues that you feel we can help you with. The end of the day is the best time or we can make an appointment to see you. 




Mrs Sault, Mrs Hartley, Mrs Jackson, Miss Page, Miss Hanson and Mrs Hobson

Welcome to Big Dragons and the start of your child's journey at full time school! We are really excited about starting this wonderful adventure together and hope that many wonderful memories are made.


Together with the Nursery children in Little Dragons, our first theme of the year is 'The Greatest Show on Earth' and we will be finding different ways to explore this together. 


We will start with the story of 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' and make our own masks to retell the story, as well as making some yummy porridge along the way too! This is a super story to use as a performance, with lots of different voices and actions for everyone to get involved in. We will then move onto investigate 'Giraffe's Can't Dance', the story of Gerald the Giraffe who finds dancing very tricky! This will develop an understanding of costumes and different types of dancing; you never know, we might make it onto Strictly Come Dancing! The last part of the term will be looking at the story of 'Pinocchio' and using puppets to perform shows and entertain audiences. 


One of the most important areas of learning in Reception is Reading, we will be teaching your child the letter sounds and then blending them together to make words. Please support them, and us, by sharing books with your child frequently. A bedtime story each night is perfect and we would love to send home our Bedtime Bear, Bob, to share this with you too. Please send book bags to school everyday and read the reading book with your child, it is so important. Books will be changed every Wednesday. 


Our Number work this term will be focusing on counting with objects, as well understanding the value of each number. Please talk about numbers with your child; point out door numbers as you walk to school or count how many stairs you have as they go to bed.


Our PE lesson is every THURSDAY. Please send a full school kit (their team colour top and shorts). All items of clothes need to be named, all of the trousers look the same and we can't tell who they belong to if there are no names! This is the same with school shoes....please name them! We understand how frustrating it is to lose items, but they must be named for us to be able to return them to you. 


As Autumn approaches and the weather turns cooler, a reminder that we spend lots of our time outside, whatever the weather is! Your child will need a coat and wellington boots to keep at school, as well as plimsolls for wearing indoors. 


If you have any questions or concerns, please see us either at the start or the end of the day, however our weekly Family Fun Friday session is a perfect time to have a chat with us. It is from the start of school until 9.15am and it is a good chance for you to spend time with your child in the classroom and see what they have been learning about. 


Remember to log onto Tapestry regularly, you can share your child's learning at home with us by adding your own photos too.


Mrs Sault, Miss Goodall, Mrs Hobson, Miss Hanson and Miss Page smiley