Spring Term




Happy New Decade!! We hope this decade brings exciting new learning for all children. 


This term we are going to be looking at Jack and the Beanstalk - with a twist! We will be using various writing skills to detail how to grow a beanstalk and then how to catch a giant!! Hopefully, our plans will work and there won't be a giant on the loose around Gainsborough! 


In Maths, we are continuing to focus our learning on numbers. We will be reading and writing lots of different numbers to 100 and beyond! We will also be looking at the four operations (+, -, / and x), learning the various vocabulary for these operations and different strategies we can use to find the answer. 


In Frogs, we do like to spend a lot of time outside during learning time. Please ensure you wear suitable outdoor shoes to school and bring a waterproof coat (even when it looks like it won't rain!).


If you have any questions, please do come and speak to either Miss Collins or Mrs Palmer - we are both standing at the gate every morning and every afternoon.


Keep smiling,


Miss Collins and Mrs Palmer :)