Welcome back; We hope you enjoyed your Easter holiday. We have lots of exciting things to do this term!


In literacy, we will be looking at Knights, Castles and Fairytales.  We will visit Lincoln Castle to find out the features of it and also we will visit the Lincolnshire Life Museum to experience what life was like for a child who lived in the Victorian Times. 


Then, we will look at various Fairytales, we will retell them, discuss the characters and think about the different perceptions each character has about the same story.


In Numeracy, we will be looking at numbers; we will be reading, writing and using them to add or subtract with. We will also look at what data is and how to collect it and interpret the information. 


Please make sure you find out when your P.E. sessions are - ask your afternoon teachers.


As always, if you have any queries do make an appointment in the office to speak to myself.


Keep smiling,


Miss Collins and Mrs Palmer :)