Autumn Term




Welcome back to a brand new school year! We hope you are all well rested and ready to jump into some exciting learning, this year!


To begin with, Frogs will be looking at key writing skills and handwriting. Later in the term, we will be looking at, 'The Circus.' We will research circus skills and looking at stories with a circus setting. 


Every Monday morning, we have a slot with Coach Ricky - here we will combine physical activity with our phonics learning. You do not need to wear your P.E kit for this session but sensible footwear is needed. 


In Maths, we will be focusing our learning on numbers. We will be reading and writing lots of different numbers to 100 and beyond! 


In Frogs, we do like to spend a lot of time outside during learning time. Please ensure you wear suitable outdoor shoes to school and bring a waterproof coat (even when it looks like it won't rain!).


If you have any questions, please do come and speak to either Miss Collins or Mrs Palmer.


Keep smiling,


Miss Collins and Mrs Palmer :)